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Cosmetic filling is a white composite, the same color of the natural teeth, used to treat teeth ‎problems occurred because of different reasons like decay, gaps among teeth or fractures. It ‎improves the aesthetics and the function of the teeth. 

Dentist may need to make little holes in the teeth, about 1mm; to carry out the process. It normally ‎takes 2 to 3 sessions to be performed. ‎
When to make Cosmetic Fillings:‎

• Teeth decay
• Root canals treatment
• Teeth fractures

Advantages of cosmetic fillings:‎

• Add additional strength to the surface of the teeth. UV rays may be used to harden the filling, ‎unlike silver amalgam fillings which requires more effort to be prepared. ‎
• Its white color makes it suitable to be used with front teeth
• Immediately after the procedure, you may practice your normal life. You also may make ‎more than one tooth in the same session
• It strengthens the surface of the teeth and improves the aesthetics and the function of the ‎teeth.‎

How is a filling performed?‎

Dentist begins with cleaning the place where the fillings will be placed, especially in case of teeth ‎decay. In case of root canal problems, dentist may need to treat the problem first. Then the dentist ‎prepares the fillings and molds them to match the shape of the surrounding tooth. Finally, he ‎exposes the filling to UV rays to harden it.‎
In case the filling used for the front teeth, dentist give the composite a final polish to ensure it has ‎that clean white look and fits with the rest of your teeth.

Taking care of cosmetic fillings:‎

With daily care and with avoiding bite hard objects, fillings may last for 10 years.


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