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Our Vision

Dr. Bassem Samir and her staff offer comprehensive dental care to improve oral and overall health. Taking a holistic approach to dentistry, Dr. Bassem addresses issues as they affect the health and function of the smile.

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop long-term relationships with our patients and to ensure distinguished service through personalized, honest, ethical and informed care.
We aim to help our community achieve excellent oral healthcare through high quality, multidisciplinary and cost efficient dental services and procedures.

Bassem Samir Clinics

Our Philosophy


At Bassem Samir Clinics, we combine unbeatable customer service with high-quality dentistry, making for a perfect experience for our clients. We offer a multitude of cosmetic and aesthetic treatments, moving you a step closer to the dream smile.


We are always looking for ways to provide the best service in Bassem Samir Clinics. Our team constantly improve their clinical practice, keeping up-to-date with the latest advances.
Our facilities reflect our philosophy of a delivering state-of-the-art care.
Bassem Samir Clinics are equipped with the most up to date technology and materials throughout all of our custom-built treatment rooms.


Going to the dentist can be a stressful ordeal for some people. We apply state-of-the-art technology to our dentistry, providing a virtual escape for those wishing for a different setting when coming in for their treatments. We also have many options for nervous patients.

Bassem Samir Clinics



Dr Bassem Samir, CEO & Founder of Bassem Samir dental clinic since 1983.Member of STRAUMANN Academy for implant & Esthetics in Switzerland since 2000.he has been given the platinum award from STRAUMANN academy for being the best dental implantoligst in Egypt.

Dr Bassem got a diplomatic degree in periodontics and implant from ST. Joseph College from Lebanon.
He is the first dentist in Egypt who introduce the idea of dental implants in the country also he is the only dentist who has multiple branches all over Cairo.

Each clinic is full equipped with the latest technology in the field of dentistry like Panoramic x-rays, 3D x-rays, Cerec machine, INLAB machine, soft tissue laser and recent zoom 4 bleaching machine.HE is top 1 best dentist in Egypt.

Bassem Samir Clinics

His Approach

We cover all aspects of dentistry including pain relief, fillings, gum treatments, root treatments, cosmetics, crown and bridgework, dentures, minor oral surgery, orthodontics and implants.