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Children’s teeth are most vulnerable to infection and the occurrence of problems in them as a result of the softness of their enamel layer, so they often get decay and change color and the enamel begins to erode.

What are the problems of children’s teeth?


Decay is caused by the sugars that children eat in sweets or since breastfeeding.

Mouth infections:

As a result of the spread of some microbes in the mouth, and as a result of not cleaning the teeth well and accumulating microbes, the gums and jaw are affected, and infections occur.

Teeth spaces:

After a certain age, children begin to replace the deciduous teeth and grow permanent teeth, but as a result there may be spaces between the teeth that may continue after the end of this stage, so the orthodontic procedure is resorted to early, depending on what the dentist determines, and the period of the calendar ranges from three or five months to periods that may It extends for a year or more for large spaces.

Teeth erosion:

It leads to weak teeth and premature falling out at times, so it is necessary to close the cracks of the tooth enamel layer, which helps maintain the health and integrity of the teeth. And teeth change color and the emergence of some stains.

Now you know: How to install orthodontics without pain

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How to treat children’s teeth without pain?

In cases of caries in permanent teeth, dental filling begins in one session to restore the affected and damaged teeth.
Orthodontic installation at an early age to correct and modify dental defects, whether it is fixed orthodontics in the back of the teeth or movable orthodontics, which can be removed and placed according to the doctor’s instructions and transparent orthodontics and is used for older children.


Where can children’s teeth be treated?

In the clinic of Dr. Bassem Samir, he has experience in dealing with children and the state of fear that may affect them from the pediatrician and the use of techniques that may be more suitable for them, such as lasers, to avoid the sound of tools that may cause anxiety for them. Contact us now.