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Teeth implant considered to be one of the best services provided in Bassem Samir Clinics. It’s for who ‎lost his/her teeth and wants to bring back the ideal smile. By using latest techniques and equipment, ‎we make new teeth with material resembles the original in features to give you genuine smile of your ‎dreams in less than 24 hours. ‎

What is teeth implant? ‎
Teeth implant is the efficient way to deal with teeth loss with natural-looking result. It requires ‎support of the adjacent teeth and the jaw.‎

‎How does implantation of teeth happen?‎
‎In the beginning, we should evaluate the situation to ensure the patient is a good fit for implanting. ‎Checking general and dental health is essential before the procedure. Also checking the density of the ‎jawbone is very important since jawbone may not thick enough or is too soft to implant the new ‎teeth. In this case, we begin with bone grafting to create a more solid base for the implant. ‎

You may need additional surgery to place the abutment, the piece where the crown will eventually ‎attach. Then, the gum tissue is then closed around the abutment to give it the time to heal.‎
After healing, comes the step of making impressions of your mouth and remaining teeth to make the ‎crown.‎
Teeth implant procedure causes little to no pain though painkiller may be used to relieve the pain. ‎
Teeth implant has a success rate of up to 95% for lower jaw and 90% for the upper one. ‎
The average age for the implanted teeth is 25 years, according to doctors’ estimates. It may be last the ‎lifetime with you if you care about your general and dental health and brushing your teeth regularly.  ‎
After negotiation, we prepare a customized plan with all details, cost and duration. Everything will be ‎done in just one session to get the smile of your dreams. ‎

Follow up after the procedure: ‎

Implanted teeth require the same care you do with your normal teeth. Always brush and floss your ‎teeth to keep it clean and hygienic. You also must inform us with all your periodic checkups to ensure ‎the implanted teeth are in good health. ‎