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Veneer is one of teeth treatment for cosmetic purposes. It may be the best cosmetic solution to treat ‎enamel erosion, uneven teeth, gaps among the teeth or other teeth defect.‎ Furthermore, veneer could be useful to neutralize the color of the stained teeth or if whitening is no ‎longer efficient.‎


Are you the one?‎

We have to check your general and dental health to decide if veneer suits you.‎

Before starting:‎

In Bassem Samir clinic, we share all the details with you to design perfect smile. We listen to your ‎preferences (shape of the veneer, color, length and width, and the hoped result) to ensure the result ‎fulfills your expectation. ‎

How long does the veneer last?‎

Veneer lasts for long time if you always care of your teeth hygiene. It takes years to be changed ‎again. We advise you not to bite hard objects and make sure to use special toothpaste made ‎especially for veneers.‎

Composite veneer:‎

Composite veneer considered to be cheaper solution that consists of the same material of teeth ‎fillings. It suits who has fracture in the teeth since it protect the affected tooth and the adjacent ones.‎ The problem is that composite veneer is not permanent; you need to change it periodically. Besides, ‎it’s easily getting stained. ‎

E-max veneer:

E-max veneer consists of transparent solid and durable porcelain. It considered to be the best choice ‎now for veneers, crowns or bridges. ‎ E-max veneer is the most famous brand in the technology of dentistry since it make identical match ‎with the original teeth.‎