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Our orthodontics in Dr. Bassem Samir clinics is one of the specialties for cosmetic dentistry that aims to fix the defects of consistency of teeth or apply them to each other with the latest international technologies used in dentistry and by adopting modern methods of orthodontics.

Reasons for installing orthodontics?

These defects take many pictures and shapes, including:

  • A tooth coming out of the normal alignment of the teeth in the upper or lower jaw.
  • The large or small size of a tooth that is not commensurate with the sizes of the adjacent teeth.
  • There are spaces between the teeth and each other due to some genetic diseases.
  • Defects of the upper and lower jaws, such as the difference in the size of each, where the size of the upper jaw is larger than the lower jaw or vice versa, which leads to the problem of malocclusion, and this in turn causes one of the jaws to protrude abnormally, affecting the patient’s appearance, and the way he pronounces and chews food.
  • The task of repairing these defects falls to the orthodontist, as it realigns the teeth in their natural shape through braces that are installed around the teeth of the jaws, which work to re-straighten the patient’s teeth again and move them from their incorrect places.

Types of braces?

  • Transparent calendar
  • Transparent metal braces
  • Internal calendar
  • Metal calendar

What are Clear Aligners and Invisalign?

They are transparent, ultra-thin fittings for both the upper and lower jaw. This technique requires an equal amount of correction of the patient’s dental arrangement.

Take care of your teeth with braces?

Once the treatment starts, there are some simple instructions to follow, which will be explained to you by our dental specialist or dentist.

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