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When the patient is in need of root canal treatment?  

In some cases, root of the teeth exposed to inflammatory because of the following:  Dental decay, teeth fractures and inflammatory that affects the teeth or the gum. X-rays may be used to  detect the defect. 

Symptoms of root canal inflammatory:  

In the early beginning of the root inflammatory, the pulp of the teeth begins to get affected by bacteria  infection, and then the pulp diminishes gradually which allows the bacteria to spread and be more active.  Thus, the patient feels the following symptoms: 

  • ‎Pain ‎while ‎eating ‎or ‎drinking ‎hot ‎or ‎cold ‎drinks 
  • ‎Pain while biting or chewing 
  • ‎Feeling like teeth is moving from its original place 

In case the pulp died because of the spread of inflammatory and bacteria, all symptoms will disappear.  The deterioration of the tooth and root condition could make the symptoms to get even worse: Some of these


  • ‎ Swelling of the gum next to the affected teeth. 
  • ‎ Pain while biting or chewing increases 
  • ‎ Pus exits from the affected teeth  
  • ‎ Swelling in the face 
  • ‎ Affected teeth become darker  

Root Canal Treatment:  

Sessions needed for treatment differ according to the condition. Usually, it takes 3 sessions on average.The treatment steps are: 

  • ‎Endodontist‎carefully‎make‎a‎hole‎in‎the‎crown‎of‎the‎affected‎tooth.‎ 
  • ‎ Then removes the affected pulp. 
  • ‎ And cleans the empty place and the canals of the root. 
  • ‎After that ‎the ‎end orthodontist is infects ‎the place ‎before ‎sealing the ‎tooth with special ‎fillings.‎‎ Sometimes, some medications could be placed in the canals after removing the pulp to help disinfect the  place before sealing. 

In some cases, the treatment could be finished in one session. Painkillers could be used to relieve  the pain most of the patients may experience after the treatment.  

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