Cosmetic Fillings

Cosmetic filling is a white composite, the same color of the natural teeth, used to treat teeth ‎problems occurred because of different reasons like decay, gaps among teeth or fractures. It ‎improves the aesthetics and the function of the teeth.  Dentist may need to make little holes in the teeth, about 1mm; to carry out [...]

Root Canal Treatment

When the patient is in need of root canal treatment?   In some cases, root of the teeth exposed to inflammatory because of the following:  Dental decay, teeth fractures and inflammatory that affects the teeth or the gum. X-rays may be used to  detect the defect.  Symptoms of root canal inflammatory:   In the early beginning of [...]

Gum Depigmentation

Periodontal treatment how does it happen? Gum pigmentation is a procedure performed for patients who have brown or black pigmentation in the gums instead of the natural pink color, and the reason for excessive production of melanin is due to smoking or drinking stimulants permanently. Whatever the reason, dark gums spoil the quality and beauty [...]

Bleaching Teeth Whitening

  Teeth Whitening and Cleaning If you lack confidence in a smile due to your yellow or discolored and dyed teeth, whitening may be the solution to your problem. Teeth whitening is a simple and very regular cosmetic procedure that is performed in the clinics of the name Samir Best Dentist. This procedure helps to [...]


  Our orthodontics in Dr. Bassem Samir clinics is one of the specialties for cosmetic dentistry that aims to fix the defects of consistency of teeth or apply them to each other with the latest international technologies used in dentistry and by adopting modern methods of orthodontics. Reasons for installing orthodontics? These defects take many [...]

Casted Crown

  Types of crowns. Crowns are called dental plasters, and they are a prosthetic part that works to restore the shape and appearance of the tooth in the event of injury or diabetes and deformity. Crowns are an artificial restoration process that acts as a covering for damaged or decayed teeth, or as a covering [...]

Dental Implants

Teeth implant considered to be one of the best services provided in Bassem Samir Clinics. It’s for who ‎lost his/her teeth and wants to bring back the ideal smile. By …


Veneer is one of teeth treatment for cosmetic purposes. It may be the best cosmetic solution to treat ‎enamel erosion, uneven teeth, gaps among the teeth or other teeth defect.‎ Furthermore, veneer could be useful to neutralize the color of the stained teeth or if whitening is no ‎longer efficient.‎   Are you the one?‎ […]

Hollywood Smile

People seek Hollywood smile to enhance the color, shape and alignment of the teeth. They can reach ‎the same result with many ways, for instance, composite veneer…